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15ml Acid Free Primer


15ml Acid Free Primer, to use with UV-GEL Manicure.

Use the primer to prepare the nail before applying base coat and colour coats.

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15ml Acid Free Primer, to use with UV-GEL Manicure.

How to apply:

  1. Start by preparing your nail, clean the cuticles and remove all dead skin
  2. Use a nail buffer to remove the natural shine of the nail
  3. Use a dust brush to remove all nail dust
  4. Apply a thin layer of primer  (This Product) and let dry
  5. Apply base-coat and cure under UVLED light for 30-60min
  6. Apply layers of colour as desired
  7. Apply choice of TOP Coat

What is included in the pack:

  • 15ml Acid Free Primer


Delivery is 3-5 days. Orders take 1 business day to prepare and 1-3 days for delivery with overnight courier. 

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