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Fashion and Beauty, How to get it right with less

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Fashion and Beauty – Why did we do it?

Why Fashion and Beauty

I am not going to call myself a fashion guru, i am far from it. I am not even a fashionista or #fashion boss. In fact i am a very average girl, who like to look my best when i walk out of the house. I generally do not have a lot of $$ or time to achieve that. I like to be able to put on my makeup in 30min flat, but still look pretty amazing. I want to look my best, without spending an arm and a leg.

Where is all started

I recall my first “glam” “glow-up” to be when i prepared for my matric dance, i mean i could not afford them big brands, but i knew i had to be smashing. That was the first time i learned that, i truly had an eye for making something out of nothing, and i was good with colours – creative and able to see a look on someone, then replicate it on myself. I actually started putting on make up so well, that even my friends would call me to help them with their make-up.

Some Make-Up basics i discovered along the way:

  • Less is more – this is true, so true, i could not repeat it more. I have three basics for my face and if i get them right, i am good to go.
  • The basics – The basics for me are: your skin, your eyes and your lips. That is it – these three things can take you a long way. I will break it down a bit below.

Your Skin: A good skin is 80% of the make-up done. I dont believe in putting on layers and layers of make-up until your pores cannot breathe. I think a simple layer of liquid and powder is usually enough, so your skin has to carry the majority of the work. Treat it regularly, stick to a routine. I am not a skin specialist – but find what works for you. I will share some secret DIY home hacks to help with your skin in future.

Your eyes: I say the eyebrows are the frame for the face, get them right and you are sorted. This you can do before even starting with your make up routine. Get them properly waxed, plucked, microbladed or whatever works for you – just get them shaped for your face regularly. Then get some good fake lashes – nowadays there is a large variety – our store will be stocking these. Purchase in bulk, keep them in a safe place and use as needed.

Your lips: When your face and eyes are done, you lips are like a cherry on top. You cant go wrong, so free-style.

What do you think about these tips, do you believe in minimalistic make-up? leave a comment for us.

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